A Wholesome Breakfast You Will Fall In LOVE With

Love Grown is revolutionizing breakfast! Their cereals, Power O’s, Mighty Flakes, and new line of Adventure Cereals for Kids, KidsCerealare made from their power blend of navy, lentil, and garbanzo beans. They are both wheat-free and corn-free, higher in protein and fiber, and packed full of flavor!

Love Grown is also bringing excitement into the hot cereal category with their Hot Oats and Super Oats Packets, which aren’t just oatmeal, but can be made into a quick, healthy, protein-packed muffin or pancake in just minutes.

The goal of Love Grown is to make super delicious foods powered by nutrition, so that you can stay powered all day! Love Grown is also passionatelyLG_MainRendering involved in educating kids and communities about healthy eating. They have an established mission to visit classrooms; educating kids about the importance of eating breakfast, whole grains, good fats, and limiting the amount of sugar you consume

ART_MaddyAlexMtnShotWhen Alex and Maddy met and fell in love (cute right!!??), it was their shared passion for health and nutrition that inspired them to start a natural foods company. They believe in making foods with clean and simple ingredients. They also believe that healthy foods should be available to as many people as possible. In 2009, they launched Love Grown with their first product, Oat Clusters granola, and as they grew they added oatmeal and hot cereals.  Alex and Maddy knew they wanted to expand into cold cereal, but they wanted it to be free of wheat and corn and also nutritious. When they got the idea to make cereal out of beans they ran with it, and in March 2014, they launched Love Grown Power O’s – the first cereal made from navy, lentil, and garbanzo beans. The response to Power O’s was so positive that they began working on a kids cereal line, realizing that there are very few kids cereals that are wheat-free and corn-free. Learn more about the love behind Love Grown online and on their Facebook page.



    • zephyrconferences says

      Love Grown is a sponsor this year! We are excited to have them but as of right now, they are not sure if they will have any of their team attending. Often times sponsors need to make this decision closer to the conference date.