FitBloggin Sponsor Post : Getting a Grip on Your Family’s Health Profile

TapGenes is one of our 2016 sponsors of FitSocial & FitBloggin and they have a great product to talk to us all about.  After all, what’s more important than you and your family’s health?TapGenes-Logo-1000px

The More You Know, The More You Can Change

As most of us know, our family relationships have a lot to do with our overall health. However, when we think about our family and their impact on our health, we too often think it all has to do with genetics. While genetics may tell part of the story, they aren’t the whole story, and oftentimes by focusing on genetics, we can miss important parts of our family history that may help us understand what steps we need to take to improve our overall well-being.

Genetic testing is a popular trend, and these tests can sometimes give you great insight into the health problems lurking in your family’s genes. But it can also be a distraction. Our genes are one of the only things about our health that we can’t change, and while knowing what conditions we may be predisposed to is good for early awareness and possibly detection, it can sometimes pull our attention away from the things that we can change.

You Don’t Need a Genetic Test to Get Started

Your family’s health story is not just about genetics, it’s about environment and lifestyle, too. And thankfully, both our environment and lifestyle are within our control to change. Many people don’t realize how much these things can be passed down from generation to generation, especially since we don’t think of them as things we ‘inherit’.

The first step to taking control of your health and wellness is by understanding the external forces that may be working against you. For example, I have a good friend whose mother didn’t know how to cook, so they ate out for every meal every day. The only time she had a home-cooked meal was when they went to her grandparent’s house or even sometimes friends’ houses. She didn’t realize until she was in her mid-30’s that since she never learned how to cook either, she was passing those unhealthy habits onto her children.

While not all examples are that extreme, this is a great way to see how something that your parents or grandparents do can impact how you live your own life – most of the time without ever noticing it.\

It’s Never Too Late

The best part about sitting down and mapping out the environmental and lifestyle traits shared throughout your family, is that once you know what they are, you can start to change them – for yourself and for your kids and grandkids.

Taking control of your health is something you can do today, and it starts by looking into the past. If you are ready to start tracing your family’s health conditions and other modifiable traits, you can sign up with TapGenes, or simply visit the website to learn more about how you can start living your healthiest life today!

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