Who Should Attend FitBloggin? You, Of Course!

Who should attend FitBloggin?

Good question.

When I started this conference in 2010, I had one goal which can be summed up as:

Bringing together bloggers who want to spread a culture of health and wellness so we could learn from and inspire each other. 

That is the thread that connects every soul who has ever come to FitBloggin and the reason why we are such a diverse and awesome (yea, I said it!) group of individuals.

FitBloggin isn’t a gathering of the fittest, the strongest, the skinniest, or even the healthiest. It’s a group of passionate people who want to inspire and motivate, and… this is going to sound lofty… change the world.

Of course blogging isn’t the same as it was in 2010. Social media has grown and given us even more valuable platforms to connect and share. But the core, the mission, the excitement is still the same.

How do we harness the rich powers of blogging and social media to inspire people? How do we do it well? How do we do it better? How do we change the world?

If you want to know the answers to those questions, then it’s obvious that FitBloggin’ is for you.


Don’t take my word for it… our alumni have a lot to say about who should attend, too.



You. — Margo NachoMamasBlog.com

Anyone who is interested in better fitness, better blogging, and expanding their social network should be at FitBloggin’16!
Heather, YummSushiPJs.com

Those interested in joining an incredible network of fun, insightful, welcoming, and smart folks knee-deep in health and wellness! — David, keepitupdavid.com

Those terrified of making new friends, apprehensive of making new professional connections and confused about how to step up their blog game. — Mariana, projectunfluff.wordpress.com

People from all walks of the fitness life: those who teach it, those who despise it, those who love it, those who meander back and forth from active to slug. No matter where you are in your journey to health, Fitbloggin is there to support you. — Alyssa Curran — DoubleChinDiary.com

Anyone interested in blogging/social media and fitness, in any capacity, who wants to have an awesome, fun experience! — Sasha www.sasharoundtheclock.com

Everyone who is ready to make a commitment to YOU (especially if you’ve been hesitant in the past). — Brandi Wolf www.javaandsole.com


Photos by Carrie D Photography