FitBloggin’16 Session Description: When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy with Alicia Melgoza


For many, getting in workouts and laying off the sweets is a huge challenge. For others, it’s the opposite. They have trouble taking rest days and allowing themselves to indulge in tasty treats even occasionally. Eating out, taking vacations, and socializing become anxiety-provoking. Counting calories or macros, meal planning and prep, and workouts become all-consuming.

Eating healthfully and exercising are important, but they can be taken to an unhealthy, obsessive extreme referred to as orthorexia and exercise addiction, respectively. While not yet officially recognized as clinical disorders by the American Psychological Association, orthorexia and exercise addiction are real struggles and particularly salient issues for the health and fitness blogger community.

In this interactive session, we’ll explore the line between being healthy and being “too” healthy to the point it’s becoming disordered and unhealthy. We’ll talk about the signs and symptoms of orthorexia and exercise addiction as well as share real-life stories and struggles in an open, judgement-free, and supportive environment. We’ll also discuss actionable strategies for how to combat this unhealthy “healthy” extreme both in your own life and in your work with clients and/or blog readers.

We’ll unpack what it truly means to live a ‘healthy lifestyle’ because it’s much more than just squats and veggies. Finally, we’ll share practical tips for how to ‘be healthy’ in a more balanced and whole-istic (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational) way.




Alicia Melgoza, MSW, is a Health Nut + Fitness Junkie Recovery Coach with a Masters in Clinical Social Work. Through her coaching programs, she helps clients break free from food and exercise obsession and put the ‘life’ back into their healthy lifestyles.