FitBloggin and FitSocial

Everyone associated with FitBloggin realizes the conference is about more than just blogging. Even our tagline says “Using blogging, social media, and digital communication to motivate, inspire, and foster a culture of health and wellness where everyone belongs.”

Clearly, almost all bloggers now use social media and many people communicating about fitness, health, and wellness prefer social media over blogging. So social media and how to use it to communicate our values is a critical component of the conference.

It so happens Zephyr Conferences, the organization now managing FitBloggin, ran its own fitness and health bloggers conference for three years and that this conference was called … Fit Social.

The similarity of the two names is ironic but the real potential power, we decided with our Advisory Board, would be to use both names with the 2016 conference. Thus, we would like to introduce you to the new conference logo.


FitBloggin has always been about community, inclusion, and support and we will maintain this focus. Fit Social was more about the communication of cutting-edge science-based fitness and health information. We feel the combination of the two makes for one very powerful conference that is more inclusive to everyone engaged in communicating online about fitness and health.

Whether you are a blogger or user of social media, if you are into the online communication of fitness, health, and wellness please consider joining us from July 21 – 24 in Indianapolis!


  1. says

    I take it this means there won’t be another FitSocial conference? My favorite thing about FS *was* the scienctific content and delivery by experts like Dr Hill and Dr San Milan. This was the stuff I really geeked out on. FitBloggin is fantastic, but serves a distinctly different audience. Curious to see how this goes.

    • allanwright says

      Yeah, we loved the academic part too. This year’s conference will not be that academic, since we are not holding it at a university like we did Fit Social. But we are definitely trying to increase the number of speakers with academic or professional qualifications.

      Our goal is to combine the community of FitBloggin (which is important to keep the conference viable) with the information transfer of FitSocial. Hopefully you can join us!