Meet the FitBloggin Advisory Board

FitBloggin Advisory Board

FitBloggin began in 2010 with Roni Noone’s vision to bring together the wellness blogging community she knew and loved so well. It was a success, and each year since this community has grown tighter. Now on the cusp of the seventh FitBloggin’ conference — headed to Indianapolis July 21-24 — everyone is eager to get back together at this self-described adult summer camp. 

At the close of FitBloggin’15, Roni sold the conference to Zephyr Adventures. The idea was to bring a new energy and added expertise to the event while maintaining the heart of what this event and its attendees have become.

To ensure the latter, the FitBloggin Advisory Board was created. This group was appointed to keep alive the heart and soul of the conference while it merged with a re-imagined, new and improved version of itself. It fits, right? After all, everyone who attends FitBloggin is striving to achieve the better version of themselves.

The board is made of individuals who have been involved a long time, and have done more than just attend and fill seats. They volunteer, they speak, the manage marketing and social, they bring new attendees, they energize workouts, and they give really awesome hugs. Some have been by Roni’s side since inception, and some have become fixtures of the conference. Their passion for the people in this community and the value of what FitBloggin delivers makes them invaluable assets to the growth of the conference.


Thea Rudland – @ItsMeVsMe

Emily Ho – @AuthEmmie

Martinus Evans – @300lbsandrunnin

Alan Ali – @Sweating_It_Off

Dubyawife – @Dubyawife

Gail Gedan Spencer – @its_gail

Brandi Koskie – @BrandiK

Roni Noone – @RoniNoone

Katy Widrick – @KWidrick

Look for them in Indianapolis! And in the meantime if you’re curious about some aspect of FitBloggin, no one is more likely to have the answers than they are.


photo by Carrie D Photography