FitBloggin’16 Session Description: Fitness for the Minority Population with Shera Strange


Along with the ever-changing fitness industry trends; there is a population of individuals trying to figure out what works best for them. The ever-growing minority population is no different. Here in America, the changes in health care and the lack of access to safe and affordable fitness facilities present many health challenges, health disparities, and fitness-exercise possibilities. Unless the individual involves themselves in some sport, fitness practices and the fitness industry itself has ignored this changing and growing minority population. To keep them actively involved in the trends, as well as contributing to improving the United States’ obesity and mortality rate among this population, fitness for the minority population should be addressed and no longer neglected.

In this small group discussion, we will discuss:

  • Why working with this segment of our population in regards to fitness is important.
  • The health disparities and challenges facing this population.
  • Attitudes and beliefs toward fitness and how to modify and change them.
  • Working with the minority population by using the most effective fitness routines and how to implement them.
  • The changing outlook of fitness and what it means to the minority population.



Shera Strange is a fitness professional extraordinaire, holding numerous certifications and accolades as a personal trainer, Pilates and cycle instructor, and amateur triathlete. Her experience affords her the ability to understand the needs of and to relate to her clients who are beginning a fitness regimen for the first time. She uses her knowledge and ingenuity to foster their progress in spite of health and weight-related issues.