FitBloggin’16 Session Description: What Need for Speed? Being a Slower Runner with Jill Grunenwald


In a world of hares, what’s a tortoise to do? Running can present obstacles for people of all ages and abilities, but when you are a back-of-the-pack runner (or walker), being slow brings additional challenges that faster runners sometimes take for granted.

Moderated by a runner who has come in last place three times, but has also completed three half-marathons, this session will tackle those challenges and discuss strategies for slow runner success, including:

  • How to pick races that will be supportive of our speed
  • Tips for building endurance for longer runs
  • How to fit long (and slow) runs into our busy schedules
  • Selecting training plans
  • How to embrace last place if and when it happens




Jill Grunenwald is a 3x half-marathoner and host of the slow runner podcast, Running With Police Escort. Since coming in last place at her very first race, she has proudly embraced the back of the pack and blogs about her running adventures at