FitBloggin’16 Session Description: Pulling Yourself Back on the Weight Loss Wagon with David Garcia



“I’ll start eating better again on Monday.”

“This month has been crappy, but I’ll lose weight next month.”

“No matter what I do, I can’t lose any more weight.”

How many times have you heard sentences like these in your life? How many times have you said them yourself?

It’s very common when you’re losing weight, or trying to keep it off, to hit a wall. Maybe it’s a plateau. Maybe it’s a weight gain. Maybe it’s a period where, due to stress, traveling, scheduling, or, you know, LIFE, you abandon your program to focus on other things.

We’ve all been there. And, chances are, it’s these stumbling blocks that have derailed you for good at some point or another. We all know it can be excruciatingly difficult to turn things around and get back on track, but it’s something that everyone deals with, so let’s talk about it!

I started losing weight in 2010, and since then, I’ve lost 160 pounds and kept it off. I can vouch: this isn’t easy. And it doesn’t get easier over time. I want to creative an open, welcoming, judgment-free environment during this small group discussion where people can share what it is that trips them up, and what prevents them from pushing ahead. Then, let’s share and discuss tips, tricks, ideas, and suggestions for things you can do to turn it around!

Everyone is welcome to join us for Pulling Yourself Back on the Weight Loss Wagon: Tips and Tricks to Turn Around a Bad Day, Week, Month, or Year — whether you’re at the beginning of your weight loss journey, years and years into maintaining it, or somewhere in between! When it comes to weight loss, we all have something to learn, and we all have something we can teach. See you there!



David Garcia blogs at Keep It Up, David, where he chronicles his efforts to maintain a 160-pound loss. He’s appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Home & Family,” and “The Doctors.” At last year’s FitBloggin’, he spoke during Ignite Fitness about the grueling sport of stair racing.