FitBloggin’16 Session Description: How to Train the Muscle Between Your Ears with Steve Carmichael


Let’s face it. Your mind makes your body move. One minute your mind can be your biggest ally, the next your worst enemy. If you have ever struggled with establishing or maintaining healthy habits, low motivation, procrastination, willpower, fatigue, mental toughness, or want to reach your peak performance then you should attend this session.

While most health and fitness programs focus on the physical aspects of training, it is your brain and mindset that determines your level of success. If we can’t turn our intentions into action we can’t achieve our goals.

In this session we’ll cover:

  • Why our brain is the most important muscle we need to train. (We know the brain technically isn’t a muscle, but it does need exercise.)
  • How to turn intention into action so you can optimize performance.
  • How to build a mental training framework that will break the cycle of procrastination, low willpower, mental fatigue, and negative self talk.
  • How to build mental toughness, confidence, and create positive lifestyle habits that actually stick.

Using actionable strategies, techniques, and tips, Steve Carmichael will lead an interactive discussion that includes hundreds of key takeaways, tips, and exercises that you can use to optimize your health, fitness and life journey.



Steve Carmichael is an RRCA/USATF certified running coach, running club director, fitness accountability coach, and founder of the RunBuzz running community and podcast.