FitBloggin’16 Session: How to Get 100 Comments on Each Blog Post with GiGi Dubois


Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! So many bloggers out there think the most important aspect of blogging (if they want to start pitching themselves to brands for sponsorship opportunities) is how many people visit their blog. Sure, brands are interested in your visitor count, but these days, it’s much more about the INTERACTION on your blog, versus how many eyes see your blog. Honestly, half of those “eyes” are just bots anyway!

Interaction via blog comments (and of course sharing posts) proves to brands that the traffic coming to your blog is in fact REAL, INTERESTED people, aka, in their eyes: SALES. That being said, it can be insanely difficult to get people to thoughtfully comment on your blog. I have the key elements that will have everyone who visits your blog WANTING to comment!




GiGi Dubois is an internet star, as her YouTube channel has been viewed more than one million times and gets 100,000+ visits to her blog monthly. Allergic to just about all foods, and wanting to connect with others with dietary restrictions, GiGi created a community where others feel comfortable sharing their stories and learning simple allergy-free recipes.