FitBloggin’ Alumni Interview with Thea Rudland


Thea Rudland of It’s Me vs. Me

Years attended: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

FitBloggin’ Advisory Board Member

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What is FitBloggin’ to you?

Fitbloggin’ is my safe place. It is my yearly reset button and an opportunity to gather with people and say “Hey! ME TOO!!” about a ton of different things.

How has the FitBloggin’ community impacted your own life?

This community is my second family. I have made friends that have extended well past the parameters of the conference. I know that if there’s ever a time that I need help or advice or a swift kick in the ass, there will be people who will be there for me.

Have you had a weight loss success story? 

The older I get, the more I realize I never truly had a weight problem. I had a self-confidence problem. I had a negative self-talk problem. So, no. I don’t have a weight loss success story. But I DO have a pretty good “I’m awesome” story!


How has blogging changed and how is the FitBloggin’ community influencing that?

For me, the act of writing on my blog ebbs and flows. I think blogging now has so many different tentacles that it’s hard to pigeon hole anymore. Facebook, Twitter, podcasting, vlogging, Periscope, Instagram… They’ve all allowed people to take “blogging” and find a format that fits them.

Has the social media community changed wellness/fitness for the better or worse, and how?

Both, I think. I think so much of social media is perception as opposed to intention. I think there is a lot put out there that can be damaging, but at the same time, who the hell am I to say whether or not something will work for someone, even if it doesn’t work for me.

What is your best tip for blogging/social media success? 

Do your thing. Do it because of how it makes you feel, not because you expect any kind of response. If you’re constantly out there with the sole intention of getting responses, and you don’t get them, it’ll lead to a lot of disappointment and frustration.

What’s your fitness sweet spot?

I enjoy walking. But I also enjoy not giving myself a guilt trip if I don’t go for a walk. I’m a bare minimum kind of girl. And it took me a long time to realize that there’s nothing wrong with that.

What’s your personal fun fact?

Oh, dear. This may be the hardest question yet. Um.

I met my husband during a production of Grease. His dance partner broke her foot two weeks before the show and I was chosen to step in to her spot. I liked him so much…that I set him up with my sister. When that didn’t work out, he called me up, and the rest is history.


What keeps you coming back to FitBloggin’?

Oh, goodness. The people. The hugs. The tears. The laughter. The dancing. The acceptance. The hugs. The food. The chance to see new cities. The Zumba. The people. The hugs. OH! And the bacon.


photos by Carrie D Photography