FitBloggin’ Alumni Interview with Brianna Engebretsen


Brianna Engebretsen of

Years attended: 2014

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What is FitBloggin’ to you?

To me, FitBloggin’ is a place where I can gather with likeminded bloggers from very different life journeys, who are full of love and support for one another. It’s a close knit community that, while I’ve only attended one so far, made me feel welcome and at home.

How has the FitBloggin’ community impacted your own life?

I’ve made friends that I communicate with regularly to discuss both blogging and non-blogging life situations. It is so great to have that network of friends around the country that you know will give you advice when you need it.

Have you had a weight loss success story?

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, but started taking weight loss seriously in college. I got down to my lowest weight, then life happened (as it always does) and I ended up at my heaviest a year after graduation. In 2010, something clicked and in 2012 I finally hit my goal weight after losing 57 pounds on Weight Watchers. Unfortunately, some (but not all!) of the weight has crept back, but I’m back in the game trying to lose, and focusing on the life long maintenance of weight loss, rather than the “work like a mad woman and lose quick” approach.

How has blogging changed?

Blogging is a much more common thing than it used to be, so while getting started is easy, getting noticed is hard. Having the network and friendships that one develops at Fitbloggin’ definitely helps get your blog connected to other blogs and has the potential to get you retweeted, shared, and hooked up in many ways.

Has the social media community changed wellness/fitness for the better or worse, and how?

Social media has made it easier than ever to share your wellness journey with the world.  I know for me, accountability plays a huge part in my success in pretty much anything, so to be able to share victories and struggles with the social media world helps keep me accountable for my actions. This is definitely a positive thing.

What is your best tip for blogging/social media success?

Be genuine. When you try to be like someone else’s blog, it will never go as well as you want it to. When you are truly yourself in your content, it shows, and readers love it. 

What’s your fitness sweet spot?

I have CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Google it), so I’m limited in some things. My workout of choice is an elliptical machine because I can feel like I’m running without picking up my feet. I also love Zumba.

What’s your personal fun fact?

I’ve been singing since age 2 and my degree is in musical theater performance.