YouTube for Wellness Bloggers: Why You Should Get Started Now


You’re a health and fitness blogger. You sit down at your computer and write awesome posts that people love to read. But now here comes the wonky idea of video trying to squeeze its way into your cozy situation. As if you have time for that?

The landscape of blogging has changed since I started seven years ago. Thank God we have great resources like FitBloggin’ to keep us in line (hehe). Even if you’re not currently into YouTube, it’s a good idea to at least familiarize yourself with the platform from a video creator’s perspective. YouTube can enhance what you already do as a blogger and make you even more fantastic than you are today.  

But how, you ask?

YouTube helps to drive traffic to your blog and leverages you to connect with more people on social media. It enhances your online influence and, if you’re into monetizing content, YouTube can help put more money into your pockets.


Sarah Fit talked about YouTube at the 2011 FitBloggin’ conference. I soaked in the information, went home inspired, but then did nothing about it. Truth be told, I was intimidated.

I wish I had started back then. It wasn’t until three years later that I began regular uploads and cross-posted those videos to my blog. Sure, there’s a learning curve to YouTube if you don’t educate yourself on best practices. Don’t let that hold you back.

What in the world would you even makes videos about? Take a look at these suggested topics for our niche, including example videos I’ve done in these areas:  

Video his even more of a big deal than it was a few years ago and is still on an upward climb. To build a growing YouTube audience is very much like blogging: create great content, be social, and stay consistent. I encourage you to dabble your toes in the waters, too.  

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Josie Maurer is a wife and mom to four greedy kids. She shares her passion for tasty food, fitness and laughs on her blog and in video. She has lost over 40 pounds in her weight loss journey, yet still enjoys large slices of pie and the occasional food coma.

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