Is Blogging Dead?

blogging dead

This seems to be the question everyone is asking.


See, this whole blogging is dead thing has been floating around for years. Just do a search for “blogging is dead” and you can easily find articles that date back to 2006.


When did you start your blog?

For me it was 2005 and by that time blogging was already an established thing, around since the ’90s, if you can believe it. They just called them “Weblogs” back then, which evolved into simply “blogs.”

Web Log –> We Blog –> Blog

Now, of course, the term blog is ubiquitous. It’s even got its own definition in the Oxford dictionary:

Definition of blog in English: noun

A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Based on that definition, blogs are simply websites which are updated regularly, and I think I can say pretty confidently websites aren’t going away anytime soon. I mean, I’m pretty sure we were promised a paperless society back in the ’90s, but I’ve yet to experience such awesomeness. I still see magazines in grocery stores and my kids read books, like real, paper-based books — crazy right?!

I think we can agree blogging is evolving, but to say it’s dead is an alarmist view of someone who either wants to stop blogging or wishes it to be dead. People expressing themselves online isn’t going away any time soon. Many bloggers may have shifted from traditional personal blogs to social media sites, but in essence they are still blogging by sharing content on a website in an informal and conversational style online. 

Saying blogging is dead is like saying writing is dead. Self-expression is dead. Journaling is dead.

People will always express themselves regardless if we call it a journal, an article, a web site, a blog, a micro-blog, or whatever new-fangled app-based self-expression tool they come up with in the future. Some of us old farts will still simply continue to call it “blogging,” while others adopt a new term for it, like instagramming or facebooking.

At the end of the day… it’s ALL blogging.

Now… who’s on Periscope? Do you think we should share this on ello? ?