FitBloggin’ Alumni Interview with Kimberly Love-Ottobre


Kimberly Love-Ottobre of

Years attended: 2014

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

What is FitBloggin’ to you?

A fun, easy, stress-free, no judgement weekend with like-minded peeps!

How has the FitBloggin’ community impacted your own life?

I have reached out to join more online groups.

What keeps you coming back to FitBloggin’?

It’s low key and low stress and everyone is very non-judgemental.

What is your best tip for blogging/social media success?

Keep going after it!

What’s your fitness sweet spot?

I’m an ultra runner. I run trails and races from the 50K distance to 100 milers. I like to push my limits.

What’s your personal fun fact?

I think running 100 miles is fun.