Watch the 2015 Ignite Fitness Speaker Videos

fitbloggin ignite 2015

This year 12 brave souls manned the podium to become the 2015 FitBloggin’ keynote speakers! As part of a continued tradition to let our community keynote through the Ignite fitness format, we heard a variety of motivating, inspiring, and even hilarious takes on wellness, life, and fitness.

Ignite presenters are given five minutes, using only 20 slides that switch every 15 seconds. It’s a fast-paced scene that keeps everyone’s attention!

Spend some time with the playlist here, or click through to watch your favorite 2015 speaker.

Kia Ruiz  Sthira Sukham Asanam

DubyaWife –  You’re fit, but are you the right fit?

Jill Grunenwald – It’s not last place — It’s running with police escort 

Jennifer Sader – Why you need a terrifying goal 

Tasha Edwards – How to be friends with a vegan

David Garcia – From sidewalk to roof: How to race up the stairs in the world’s tallest skyscrapers

Caryn Payzant –  Hip hip hooray: It’s Monday AGAIN

Danielle Bonine – Runners support…. and I’m not talking about KT tape and running shoes!

Kirsten Stuart – Pressure cookers: Pop goes the delicious!

Meagen Johnson – The brand of awesome: The 3 secrets to work with brands and even get free gear

Brooke Birmingham – How a bikini started a conversation

Sylvia Salcedo – Miracle medicine: It’s all in my head

Sarah Wolcott – Community, passion, and courage