Koskie’s Chunky Guacamole Recipe Served Up at FitBloggin’ 15

brandi koskie fitbloggin guacamole

I’ve never shared my guacamole recipe publicly before. Sure, I’ve passed it to a few friends and family over the years, but it’s never been published. I’ve had a platform for sharing all of my recipes for a long time, but this one I held close. It turns out, I waited for the perfect time and the perfect partner in California Avocados.

I can’t imagine publishing a guacamole recipe anywhere else!

guacamole paprika fitbloggin koskie

When the food photography and blogging session I pitched, co-hosted with Kacy Meinecke, got the green light, and I found out that California Avocado Commission (CAC) was a conference sponsor, I knew we had to work together. They agreed to my request for a few complimentary avocados in exchange for the recipe.

My delicious, hand-crafted, onion-free, serrano-full, craveable guacamole recipe is now available at CAC!

brandi koskie guacamole

I got some push back in the room on the lack of onions, but I’ll tell you like I told them — onions are the easiest way to ruin good food! There are some caveats to that statement; but in general, I err on the side of cooking in an onion-free zone!

Read all about the entire FitBloggin’ Guacamole Experience, and check out some of the exceptional photos Kacy snapped of the prep process.

california avocado scoop fitbloggin koskie

It was a thrill to share one of my favorite recipes with some of my favorite people while teaching them how to do this kind of blogging a little better.

Don’t forget! We shared this blueberry lemonade recipe with everyone during our session, too.

blueberry lemonade fitbloggin

Lemonade and guacamole? A match made in food blogging heaven!

Photos by Kacy Meinecke Photography