FitBloggin’ Alumni Interview with Sarah Scott


Sarah Scott of

Years attended: 2013, 2014, 2015

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What is FitBloggin’ to you?

FitBloggin’ is my extended family, they understand me and don’t judge. [Tweet This]

How has the FitBloggin’ community impacted your own life?

It has made me feel less alone in my weight loss and fitness journey.

What keeps you coming back to FitBloggin’?

It’s like a big family reunion, staying in touch throughout the year on social media, and the big build up to FitBloggin’ as everyone plans, and then finally we are all together again, so many hugs and emotions. You feel so at home, it’s a super happy judgement-free place.

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Has the social media community changed wellness/fitness for the better or worse, and how?

Before I was involved in the social media community, I often felt alone and had no one to turn to for ideas or to talk about my journey, then I discovered Twitter and that took me to FitBloggin’ and I’ve never looked back. It is the best resource ever, there is always someone online to listen to you.

What’s your fitness sweet spot?

I am a runner/walker and in 2015 I am ‘streaking,’ which means I have to take part in 26 of my local races to earn the streaker award. I also completed my first (and possibly last) half marathon in 2015.

What’s your personal fun fact?

I know how to make a ‘proper cuppa tea‘. I am scared of clowns and frogs.

What are you most looking forward to about FitBloggin’ 2016 in Indianapolis?

Getting to see everyone again, along with visiting a part of the US I have never been to before.

Hearing everyone’s stories about their journeys in the last year, and seeing how far they have come and what they have accomplished. Getting ideas from the focus groups about new workout ideas and tips on blogging/social media.
Basically everything!!