The 2015 Fitbloggin’ Recaps: What You Took Away from Denver

fitbloggin recaps


It’s hard to believe Fitbloggin’ 2015 has already come and gone! We had such a great time with everyone in Denver this year…and it sounds like you all enjoyed it, too!

You can review the official conference schedule here, but what you won’t find on that page is what meant the most to each of you. That’s what the recaps are for, and you guys do a brilliant job year after year of pulling those together. This year’s highlights included a scavenger hunt around downtown Denver, a lip sync battle, a decadent California Avocado lunch, a proper English tea, rooftop yoga, along with some new and exciting speakers, sessions, and workouts. After all, we had to get some work done, too!

In no particular order, here are this year’s Fitbloggin’ recaps.

My Tribe – My Roots to Grow

Never in my life have I experienced anything close to the phenomenon that happens at this conference- a few hundred people, all of different ages, shapes, sizes and abilities, coming together to celebrate, positively and lovingly, a common interest.

Fitbloggin 2015: Body Love – One Step at a Time

In that moment, I was exactly one mile above sea level in the middle of a fun run, having a BLAST, and feeling like a freaking rockstar! 

fitbloggin katy widrick

How to Automate Your Biggest Blogging Tasks Without Becoming a Robot – Katy Widrick

My favorite thing about Fitbloggin’ is that it’s so inclusive. There are no cliques, no judgement, lots of emotional breakthroughs and tears, etc.

This is for Us: The Fitbloggers – Dubyawife

This is for us, the Fitbloggers.
We bare our souls on the computer.
We give our joys and sorrows to the future.
We’re loud.
We’re proud.
This is for me.
This is for you. 

Fitbloggin 2015 Recap – Sweet Success by Sara

It’s pretty amazing that so many like-minded people can get together and share ideas, learn from one another and support each other. It was also inspiring to hear people’s health journeys and amazing weight loss stories. There were so many incredible people at FitBloggin.

Fitbloggin 15: Why I Attend This Conference – NoThanksToCake

It is amazing what can happen when twenty healthy-minded, goal-chasers get in a room and start talking about real life.  There was laughter, there was applause, there were tears.  I think we all walked out knowing each other a little better, gaining perspective on what we are all trying to accomplish…

fitbloggin pitch perfect

Getting Sweaty at Fitbloggin – Got2Run4Me

I particularly enjoyed the variety of workouts on the schedule. I did five workouts over three days and it really felt good to get sweaty again.

Fitbloggin 15 – SarahLou1976

If you’ve never been to Fitbloggin I highly recommend you try and go one year. Once you go you immediately become a part of a family/tribe and you will never leave that, there is so much love/respect/trust that you will be blown away…

Fitbloggin’ 2015: Soybu Fashion Show – My Roots to Grow

BUT if there was ever a time and place to break out of my comfort zone it is Fitbloggin’. I knew no matter how I looked or what happened on the stage my FB family would be in that audience cheering me on.

fitbloggin erin bootcamp

Just What I Needed… – Tree Fitness

All in all, many memories were made, lots of sweat was shed, and the zeal for my fitness life that I had been missing, was rekindled.

6 Things I Learned at Fitbloggin – Treble in the Kitchen

I was slightly nervous about attending because I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t think I would know many of the bloggers in attendance, but as soon as I arrived all of my reservations were put to the way side.

Mile High – Fitbloggin Denver – Prior Fat Girl

It is more than just a conference – it is summer camp for me.  It is a time to gather together with people from all walks of life and all shapes and sizes and be together. But even more than that I can be my whole self there.

Fifth Fitbloggin – Authentically Emmie

To be honest, I feel like many in the Fitbloggin’ community just “get” me in a way that is hard for others to understand.

Fitbloggin Seeking Boston

What I Learned from Attending a Blog Conference – Seeking Boston Marathon

I’m wondering why I hadn’t attended before and disappointed that it’s over. The conference exceeded my expectations, was a ton of fun, and was inspirational on a number of levels.

Fitness after Fitbloggin – Perfect in our Imperfections

Fitbloggin’ itself was a lot of fun.

Fitbloggin Flash Mob

Fitbloggin 15: My First Blogging Conference – Jen Lefforge

Most of these FitBloggin crazies have known each other for years, but if you’re thinking of going, don’t let being the new person worry you. It took literally 15 minutes for me to feel completely at home and accepted.

WIAW: Fitbloggin 15 – Skinny Fitalicious

[I] decided at the last minute that going to the conference would be good for me and I couldn’t have been more right about that.

Fitbloggin: Finding My Authentic Self in Mile High(drate) City – The Year of the Phoenix

FitBloggin just really gave me a chance to think and process and focus in on what being the blogger behind The Year of the Phoenix means to me and what direction I’m headed in.

Fitbloggin rooftop yoga

Fitbloggin – Keep It Up David

What I like most is the ability to connect with people in the same boat as me, and trade ideas, perspectives, and insights on a variety of topics. It’s eye-opening and thoughtful, and often an emotional experience, and in a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental environment.

Fitbloggin Lessons – Brooke Not on a Diet

I love Fitbloggin and how it makes me feel. I loved the conversations inside of Fitbloggin and the conversations that happened outside of it as well. I love the hugs, the tears, the dancing, the laughter.

A Post-Fitbloggin Call to Action – Who’s With Me? – Go Go Gail

So, getting back to the call to action: I, you, we ALL have plenty of time to either get to a happy weight or make great strides to get closer to one. 

Fitbloggin 15: Leading a Session and Starting a Link Up – Athlete at Heart

It turns out that people want to change [attitudes about mental health]. So born of the ideas shared at Fitbloggin15 is this: Liz and I will be hosting a linkup on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. #crazyawesome 

Personally Connecting and a Fitbloggin Review Part 1 – Eat Train Be

This year was my first Fitbloggin’ Conference…I’m really happy that I went—and I’m doing it again in 2016.

Fitbloggin’ 15 and Family – All the Weigh

These women all come from different backgrounds, cities, etc., but they reminded me that we all want the same thing at our core. Moments like the ones we shared that evening are the reason I go to Fitbloggin’ every year, and I’m so thankful for them.

Fitbloggin Recap – Part 3: The People – Yummy Sushi PJs

Every year there are a handful of people who I connect or reconnect with in some deep, meaningful way that carries me through.

Fitbloggin’ 15 Recap — Health Nut in Training

We spent hours talking about our stories, our fears, our struggles, and yes, our triumphs. It felt so nice to be around people who really get me and my journey. No judgments and no holding back; just a few hours filled with compassion and support. It was pretty kick-ass.

Fitbloggin’ Recap – Sash Around the Clock

FitBloggin’ was incredible. I would go again. I want to go again. I met so many amazing people and was challenged to grow myself and my blog.

Mile High – Fitbloggin Denver – Prior Fat Girl

It is more than just a conference – it is summer camp for me. I get to let out the things I like best about myself – my strength, my humor, my joy, my light.  I don’t know why it is always hard to do those things in real life, but Fitbloggin is my space.

Fitbloggin’ 15 Recap: The World Finally Has a Judgment-Free Zone – Powered by Bling

I can’t remember the last time I walked into a large group of people and found 175+ friends I’d never met. Every person at that conference accepted every other person for who they are. There are simply no words to describe how amazing this conference truly is.

fitbloggin official

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