Live Blog: PostureFit Workout

Dr. Liz Welch PosturefitDr. Liz Welch, the founder of PostureFit, is a chiropractor and posture expert. She, along with her brother Tom, developed the PostureFit Bar after noticing a disturbing trend toward poor health and posture in her patients. Knowing these bad habits would lead to detrimental health conditions, she created the innovative PostureFit Bar and she was excited to share with Fitbloggin attendees! 

As the session started, everyone grabbed a bar and immediately started testing them out. The PostureFit Bar is a small, easy-to-use piece of home fitness equipment – a nine pound bar with a padded piece in the center.
posturefit bars | fitbloggin 2015

Liz and Tom started by discussing why posture is so important. Bad posture affects everyone. Think about how much you are at your computer or looking down on your phone! It affects your kids (think heavy backpacks), family and friends alike. The PostureFit Bar targets five core components of health – posture, core strength, range of motion and flexibility, bone density and cardiovascular performance.

Working on your health through good posture empowers you by:
  • Lengthening your muscles
  • Increasing your flexibility and mobility
  • Improving your core strength 
  • Increasing oxygenation and cardiovascular health
  • Much more!

Liz then went on to demonstrate fundamental exercises using the PostureFit Bar. She started with twists and overhead extensions. The group went on to try squats, rows, lunges, tricep extensions and curtsy squats. Throughout the exercises, she emphasized that form is key. Keep your core engaged, knees light and don’t hold your breath. Everyone got into it – yes, everyone! 

posturefit workout | fitbloggin 2015
posturefit workout | fitbloggin 2015
posturefit workout | fitbloggin 2015
 posturefit workout | fitbloggin 2015
Are you more of a visual learner? Check out this intro video, telling you a little more about the PostureFit Bar!

We all know that everyone is at a different place on their fitness journey. Liz explained that there are always ways to modify your use of the bar to turn up/down the work. For example, to increase the work you can add in a balance challenge.

posturefit workout | fitbloggin 2015
Throughout the demo, Fitbloggin attendees offered a variety of comments on how they liked the bar. Everything from “Whoa, this is hard!” to “YES! I needed this stretch!” to “I’m a chiropractor and I would definitely have this in my practice – it’s one of the best tools I’ve seen out there!” 

The bar can be used for a variety of programs, including:
  • Stretching
  • Quick home workouts
  • Intense strength workouts
  • Barre
  • Yoga
  • Core focused workouts

Liz and Tom were happy to mention their love of bloggers and influencers. They have an affiliate program and they’re looking to expand. If you’re interested, contact them directly.

Every Fitbloggin attendee got a PostureFit Bar to take home ($99 value!), a poster of basic moves/exercises and a DVD.

posturefit giveaway | fitbloggin 2015
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This live blog session was captured by Kate Rowe of BMOREtoned. Kate is a Surfset, Body Barre and FloYo instructor who encourages everyone to a positive attitude and try hard every day. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!