Learn About the PostureFit Bar With its Inventor, Dr. Liz

The PostureFit Bar provides health benefits that go far beyond what you’ve ever experienced. It targets the five core components of health – posture, core strength, range of motion and flexibility, bone density and cardiovascular performance and you’ll be getting one at FitBloggin’ to try with the inventor herself!


Dr. Liz, the founder of PostureFit, noticed a disturbing trend of increasingly poor overall health and posture in her patients leading to detrimental health conditions. She began developing the PostureFit Bar. This innovative, easy-to-use piece of home fitness equipment strengthens your core, increases bone density, muscle mass, and cardiovascular conditioning in a 25-minute total body workout.

Visit with Dr. Liz at the PostureFit table or bring your FREE PostureFit Bar to the Saturday morning class and try it for yourself!

When you get into “Power Posture” with the PostureFit Bar, you will immediately look stronger, thinner, and more confident!

Dr. Liz is a posture expert, chiropractor and speaker. She lives in St. Charles, Ill., with her husband Dr. Allan Goetz, and together they have twins who attend Olivet University. Their daughter, Mikaela, is a biology major who will be playing softball for Olivet, and their son is a sports management and susiness major who will be playing basketball for Olivet.

Here’s a video that shows a little bit of what you can do with a PostureFit Bar:

Check out the PostureFit website for more details! See you at Saturday’s class!