JumpSport Reception: Cradle to Grave Fitness

What piece of fitness equipment can a 9-month-old and a 99-year-old both use?

A trampoline, of course!

From the time a child starts to pull themselves up, they learn to bounce (often much to the detriment of the family furniture).  A toddler trampoline can give any child an outlet for their seemingly neverending energy, especially when coupled with the ability to learn.

In juxtaposition, walking is typically the primary form of exercise for seniors. Although it is excellent exercise when there are no restrictions, it can become difficult as bodies age and movements become limited.  Trampoline exercise for seniors is a unique, low-impact form of exercise that provides all of the health benefits of traditional exercise, but without the stress on joints and muscles that can sometimes make traditional exercising uncomfortable.

JumpSport Trampolines  is unique in its ability to offer a fitness solution to everyone. From award-winning active-learning kids’ trampolines to an outdoor trampoline with basketball set for the active teenager to a fitness trampoline for parent who needs to fit in exercise when they can, JumpSport can help everyone meet their fitness goals.

Please join us for a panel discussion on Saturday night discussing Fitness for a Lifetime.  Each panelist will offer their own perspective on fitness in their own lives, their family’s lives and what role fitness has played in their careers.

Krista Popowych, JumpSport’s director of fitness, is a well known Canadian TV fitness personality and has created child-focused DVDs; Irene Lewis-McCormick has written several books focused on women’s health as well as helped created a middle school curriculum using JumpSport’s equipment that is currently in use; Diana Kahaa, known as the Round Lady, is an author and successful YouTube personality as well as a cancer survivor whose fitness focus is roller skating and rebounding.  The panel will be moderated by JumpSport’s own working mom, blogger and director of marketing & sales, Rachel Turkus.

In a addition to the panel we’ll have dinner, drinks, and four fun fitness stations set up — one with each speaker who will discuss the trampolines but also what else you can be doing to encourage exercise. Stop by the “selfie station” and snap a fun trampoline shot. The person who posts and tags the best picture jumping will win a JumpSport Fitness 250i Fitness Trampoline.

Use #FitBloggin and #fitTrampoline to enter throughout the reception.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 7.54.01 PM

JumpSport will also be hosting a lip sync contest after the meal judged by our panelists (Roni and Rachel will not be a part of the judging although they are open to bribes).

The winner of the lip sync contest will win an at-home-gym by JumpSport, which includes a 39-inch 350PRO Fitness Trampoline with PlyoFit PRO adaptor for upper body work and a 44-inch 570 Fitness Trampoline!  

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 7.53.16 PM

Meet our panelists:

131834852d950f2aebccb8d89ff030a9Krista Popowych, B.HKin, has been an inspiring leader for more than two decades in the fitness industry.  Her motivating yet practical style has earned her recognition as the 2014 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year and a two-time CanFitPro Canadian Fitness Presenter of the Year. She is a fitness DVD creator and star, a trainer and educator for JumpSport and Keiser, a published author, and Adidas 3-Strip team sponsored.  Pairing a passion for fitness with her energy and creativity, she is meeting her goal to educate adults and children through movement.

Irene Lewis-McCormick M.S., CSCS, is an award-winning fitness expert and former collegiate athlete with 30 years of teaching and training experience. A published author, with a master of science in exercise physiology, her available books are A Woman’s Guide to Muscle & Strength and The HIIT Advantage for Women (Human Kinetics), Irene presents education for TRX, Tabata Bootcamp, Barre Above, JumpSport Fitness and Xercise Lab, presenting children’s fitness and aqua. Irene contributes to Oxygen, Prevention, Shape, Women’s Health, ACE Certified News, IDEA Health & Fitness magazines and many more.

DIANA-HEAD-SHOT-humorCroppedDiana Kaaha is a pioneering fitness trainer, winning competitive pairs roller skater, champion bodybuilder, author of The Round Diet, fitness trampoline fanatic and host of the Roundlady YouTube channel, Diana inspires the world to take care of their bodies.