Live Blog: Glider Yoga With Sweat Pink

Co-founder of Fit Approach and Sweat Guru, Jamie King took a break from her usual hustle to bring us a workout she created, Glider Yoga (GliYo). Combining the heart-pumping benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with the strength, flexibility and core-firming attributes of yoga, participants received a total body workout in just under an hour. With a brief introduction, class was underway.


After some light stretching and a warm-up, it was time to get to work.


On gliders.


Jamie launched into a series of HIIT movements including mountain climbers:

Mountain Climber

And glider push-ups.


As promised, it was a full body workout. Jamie incorporated familiar yoga moves like Warrior 2 and Warrior 3, then adding compound exercises to keep the core engaged while working large muscle groups. There were Glute Bridges using the Gliders:

Processed with Moldiv

As well as Glider Push Ups:

Push Ups

After HIITing the various body parts, the class moved into a more traditional flow of yoga.





The class wrapped up with a cool down and stretching, and no doubt everyone was ready to spend more than a minute in Savasana.


Everyone enjoyed the class and all its benefits. It was an intense workout, but easily scaled to any participant. Jamie did a thorough, excellent job of providing instruction as well as circulating the room to make adjustments as needed, and it proved to be a favorite way to start the morning.

Then, like the hustler she is, Jamie made her swift departure right after class – celebrating her first wedding anniversary crewing and pacing a friend through the Western States 100 mile race!

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