Eggland’s Best Hosted Workout with Cathe Friedrich

“There’s more you can do with a paper plate than eat.” And so kicked off the workout with Cathe Friedrich.


I have been a fan of Cathe Friedrich‘s fitness brand for a long time. Cathe has been creating simple, flexible, affordable and motivating fitness programs for nearly 30 years. The early morning crew at Fitbloggin was thankful for Eggland’s Best for sponsoring Cathe from her New Jersey based home for a fantastic workout.

Cathe welcomed us into the room with a selection of simple equipment.

We started out with a warm up of a variety of movements – lunges, squats, marching and more dynamic moves that got our heart rates up.

Then we moved into the full workout. Cathe kept us interested and challenged by switching between the 3 pieces of equipment. We worked with the fitness loops, the bands and the paper plates.


Cathe demonstrating the arm and back strength sequence.


Standing arm work with the band.


Seated arm work with the band.


Paper plate lunges.


Tricep work with the band.

Cathe is a true professional. Her explanations of the moves were thorough and she had us flowiing through the moves quickly. Cathe was so thorough about making sure we were using correct form, she was sure to turn sideways while on the stage so that we could see the moves


Our heartrates stayed high and our muscles were getting an amazing workout. We finished up with partnered situps to end with smiles on our faces.


When the workout was over, we all took our jello legs and arms and gathered up for a group shot.


Thank you Cathe for the great workout. If you are interested in learning more about Cathe and exploring the library of over 200 videos, visit her website at Thank you again to Eggland’s Best for sponsoring the workout – my sore muscles thank you too.

FullSizeRenderPost workout – sweaty picture of Cathe and myself.