Annual Zumba Dance Fest!

FitBloggin’ ZUMBA is back this year and will be more fun than ever! This class is always a highlight; whether you’re a dancer or you have two left feet, whether you love loud music and a theme party or you prefer to hang out in the back and people watch, whether you have been working out for years or are at the start of your fitness journey, there is a place for you in this class. Our celebration has involved Soul Train lines, 80s favorites, hard rock, few happy tears, amazing realizations, and even planted the seed in a few participants hearts to go out and get a Zumba license and teach classes of their own.

Zumba 2

For three amazing years, Roni has allowed me, MrsFatass, to plan the theme and invite friends to come together and celebrate ourselves, laugh, sweat, and of course wear plenty of body glitter and eyelashes! And this year, while I’m sad to not be joining you all in Denver, I’m beyond excited that FitBloggin Zumba will be in the capable hands of a colleague who “gets it”. Glam Nellie from is planning a class that will blow you away! In celebration of the curves that make us beautiful and unique, come dancing, and take this hour to be comfortable in the skin you’re in, breathe in all that is positive and fun about the FitBloggin’ Zumba experience, and just laugh and sweat and of course post lots of sweaty selfies afterward. If you join us on Friday morning at 10AM in the Confluence Ballroom, we promise you a workout experience that you won’t soon forget!