The Official FitBloggin’15 Scavenger Hunt!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 1.16.32 PMWelcome to the first ever FitBloggin’ Scavenger Hunt. In this post you will find all the rules and regulations. Any questions should be directed to DubyaWife — You can email her at dubyawife (at) gmail (dot) com.

REGISTRATION: Closes Friday morning, June 26 at 7:45 a.m. sharp!

COST: Donation to Our School at Blair Grocery! Minimum of $1 per each team member.

THE HUNT BEGINS: Friday (26th) morning at 8 a.m.! Your team leader needs to get your list from DubyaWife in the expo lobby. This is not a race! See the folks at the FitBloggin’ registration desk if you can’t find her.

THE HUNT ENDS: Saturday (27th) at 4 p.m. sharp!

  • Lists must be turned in at this time!
  • Lists are not accepted before 4 p.m. on Saturday!
  • The team leader turns in the team’s list to DubyaWife (or her lackeys) in the expo lobby (Again, see folks at the registration desk.) All items, pictures, etc. must be present.
  • Points are tabulated at this time.
  • This is not a race! We made the hunt specifically hard so that it extends over your whole fun time at FitBloggin’. There are no bonus points for turning it in early. You’re judged on points and creativity … and because DubyaWife doesn’t want to be bothered all weekend.

WINNERS: Winners are announced at the Saturday Night Reception!

Here’s an important selection of scavenger hunt rules and tips before any of the teams set out:

TEAMS. This is a team event only — no individual registrations! Teams must be 3 minimum to maximum of 5 humans. Each team is required to create a team name. Bonus points for ones that make Roni laugh. If you have registered in a team, all team members need to be involved in the scavenger hunt to ensure that the team is scavenging together. Many items require the entire team to be completed. This means plenty of selfies or asking strangers/other attendees to take your team’s pic. Hands, feet, or other body parts in the picture don’t count. Teams must be courteous and respectful to their teammates and all the outside people involved in the scavenger hunt. You may not split up to “divide” scavenger hunt tasks or pay or bribe additional individuals to join your team and complete your tasks. This is all about having fun together. Don’t be a jerk.

POINTS. Points are assigned for completing a task. Easy tasks equal fewer points, harder tasks gain you more points. There are no bonus points for being the first to finish. You get points for completing a particular task and then move on to the other task, you can’t complete the same task a bajillion times and rack up points, that’s what jerks do. Don’t be a jerk. Use strategy to beat the other teams! (Bonus points may awarded for classy bribery. DubyaWife really likes chocolate and coffee, just saying. Dubya loves Mike & Ikes.)

IF YOU FIGHT THE LAW, THE LAW WINS. Some scavenger hunt tasks deal with strangers. It’s very important to be kind and respectful with strangers, and with that said — always be on guard and stay safe, use your healthy judgment when it comes to people you don’t know. NO harassing citizens, physically or verbally for items or photographs. It is their right to choose not to help you and you should respect that (even if you think they are lame for not helping you). No breaking any laws! Scavenger hunts are for having fun but you must do so legally! If you break any laws during the duration of the scavenger hunt, your team will be disqualified. This includes (but is not limited to) shoplifting, assault, trespassing, blackmail, bribery (except for DubyaWIfe), forgery, perjury, fraud, public intoxication, etc.! No littering. Always clean up after yourselves and your teammates.

CHEATERS NEVER WIN. Always play fair. Don’t let your competitive instincts drive you to ruin other people’s chances to win, if you do, your team might be disqualified. This means no cheating, lying, stealing, sabotaging, or copying other people’s work. Sabotaging other teams will result in disqualification. If anyone on your team cheats or breaks the rules, the whole team gets disqualified. Remember — it’s just a game! Be kind and have fun. Don’t be a jerk.

SMARTPHONE. This challenge requires some type of “picture and/or video-taking device” as well as use of social media. Teams must pick ONE team member’s phone to record/save all scavenger items. Various pictures on multiple phones will not be accepted. You have the technology to text each other, screen shot, etc. and save on your phone… use it. Make sure each team member has a mobile phone as updates will be sent via group text.

JUDGING. Judges determinations after the scavenger hunt are final. The judges will be judging you. Especially DubyaWife. She’s been judging you since the day you were born.

APPEALS. There is no appeals process in FitBloggin’ scavenger hunts. There is also no crying. There’s no crying in FitBloggin’ scavenger hunts!

Ready to register? Follow these steps!

  1. Fill out registration HERE. Click Submit.
  2. Go HERE and click Donate.
    Minimum donation of $1 per EACH TEAM MEMBER but we ask you to please consider donating more to this great project! Please email your donation receipt to dubyawife (at) gmail (dot) com or present it at registration on Thursday. If DubyaWife doesn’t have a record of it by 7:45 a.m. you and your team are ineligible to win!