Living With Pain:  A Survival Guide 

living with pain

Janet Oberholtzer and Robby Lamb lead a discussion group on how to incorporate the #wycwyc philosophy when you are injured or are dealing with chronic pain.

In this group discussion we will talk about:

  • Recognizing and honoring injury/pain through self-compassion.
  • Coming up with a plan to deal with the physical limitations and emotional fallout.
  • How to work with medical professionals to get a positive result.
  • How to live with the injury/pain instead of fighting against yourself.

Bring your ice packs and heating pads.  Bring your BioFreeze and braces, your X-rays and painkillers  But most of all, bring an open heart and  your own story (and probably some tissues).  There will probably be a few cathartic tears, and knowing FitBloggin’, there will probably be some hugs.