A Change Will Do You Good…

“A Change Will Do You Good…” This simple phrase from the singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow packs so much in six words, especially if we truly take it to heart.

I think it captures the spirit of successful Brands in this fast-paced world of food trends. How does a food brand stay relevant after 60 years? Do you stay true to your core positioning or do you change for the good?  Perhaps it is both?


Did you know Special K launched the first protein cereal back in 1955?  Today we have over 75 products across cereal, bars, shakes, frozen breakfast sandwiches and snacks!

Everyone eats, so everyone usually has an opinion about what they eat.  Food is more than nutrients – it is about our culture, tastes, memories, fuel, etc… How do we balance all we want out of our food, within our realities of our lives? As consumers look for more out of their food, Brands need to ask thoughtful questions and be purposeful in their evolution.  Give consumers more of what they are looking for, and less of what they are trying to reduce!

Join me at Fitbloggin’ to hear the Special K journey into Weight Wellness. We’ll give you a bit of a “peek behind the curtain” and have some fun in the process.

Stacey Krawczyk, MS, RD
Sr. Nutrition Marketing Business Partner, The Kellogg Company