Writing Lab: Revision Circuit Training

Private Or Public Directions On A Signpost

For some bloggers, first drafts are the fun part.

Or they may be the only draft.

Sometimes, revision can feel overwhelming or tedious. But it can also be fun and rewarding, (and important for readers and sponsors that it’s the best it can be!) especially when broken down into manageable components.

Come to the Revision Circuit Training at FitBloggin’ with one printed draft of a blog post. You’ll go through a series of timed stations with Susan (and her team of writing whizzes to be announced), working on your post from a wide angle and up close. Learn how to focus on one element at a time: sensory details, developing scenes that are alive, time elements, grammar blitz, a title brainstorm and more. In between stations, Carla will lead a series of one-minute physical challenges to remind us that it’s important to get up and move (#wycwyc!) when you’re crafting those blog posts.

At the end of this revision workshop, your blog post will be memorable, strong, and beautifully polished from every possible angle, and your readers will be more engaged than ever.