Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes

Sports Nutrition Products

In this hands-on small group discussion, Chrissy Carroll, runner and dietitian, will address the ins and outs of sports nutrition for runners and triathletes.  Together this group will discuss basic strategies for healthy eating to support an athlete’s training, as well as tried and true tips for pre-exercise meals, exercise fueling, and recovery nutrition.

This session is ideal for both new runners and triathletes, as well as those veterans who have been racing for years.  Chrissy will share research-based strategies that improve performance – but as your body’s own best expert, the discussion will welcome sharing of success strategies that have worked for you.

You are also encouraged to come with questions that you have about sports nutrition.  Wondering if carb loading actually does anything?  Does beet juice really help in a race?  How the heck do you avoid the porta-potty mid-race All questions are welcomed! Feel free to leave Chrissy a question in the comments and she’ll come prepared with your answer.

Plan to walk away with nutrition tips to implement in your own training as well as helpful advice you can share on your blog or social platforms.

After our chat, you’ll be able to…

  1. Describe balanced eating habits that can support your level of training.
  2. Name good options for pre-exercise meals and recovery meals/snacks.
  3. Compare the pros/cons of different commercial endurance nutrition products, comparisons to regular food choices, and describe how to select items that are right for you.
  4. Share and discuss hot topics and new trends in sports nutrition.


  1. ahhh sooo says

    After 44 years of racing I think I have it pretty much “down” for my own body’s needs during my Ironman races.

  2. ahhh sooo says

    and if Chrissy has never participated in an Ironman event then she really has no business telling IM racers about nutrition for that long of an event…

    • RoniNoone says

      Yes her bachelor’s degree in nutritional science from Boston University and a master’s in public health nutrition from the University of Massachusetts mean absolutely nothing.

      • ahhh sooo says

        pretty much if she’s’ never experienced what happens after 12-13+ hours of going full tilt boogie…you can theorize all you want. Experience is the best teacher…!