Lunch is Ready for its Close-up!: A Food Photography Mini Workshop


Kacy Meinecke and Brandi Koskie make up a dynamic recipe development team, contributing primarily to For two years they’ve created indulgent, delicious, exciting meals, snacks and beverages that satisfy cravings to suit a balanced life. But since we eat with our eyes almost more than we do our mouths, a good recipe title will only take you so far. fall-salad-ginger-vinaigrettePictures are where it’s at!

This photography workshop will involve the preparation and shooting of at least one recipe. Kacy and Brandi will demonstrate the process, and, as time allows, work one-on-one with bloggers to shoot the ingredients, prep, and plated shots.

Bloggers will be invited to bring any equipment they plan to use — from iPhones to serious photography equipment — so that Kacy can provide specific tips and pointers. Brandi will even give insight on how to make those photos work for you on your blogs, in search, and on social!

Other key learning opportunities will include:

  • How to use natural lighting, since time and cost of setting up light equipment can be a real burden.
  • How to use props to add depth and interest to your photos.
  • Depending on the length of the workshop/session, we can touch on photo editing and other details beyond the lens.

You can see their portfolio here: Follow @BrandiK on Twitter and @Kacy.Meinecke on Instagram.