Ignite Fitness: Voting Now Open!

Ignite Fitness Sparks for the FitBloggin’15 keynote event have been submitted and now it’s time to choose the winners.

You will find all applications below as they were entered by the presenter. Notice there are no names or blog addresses. This is not a popularity contest. Read through the sparks and choose topics based on what you would like to see, not who submitted them. Vote for one, rank them all — it’s totally up to you!

Voting is now open, and the top seven entries will be selected to present at this year’s conference. An additional seven will be chosen by FitBloggin’ staff.

Voting closes January 26 and winning sparks will be notified January 28.

Which presentations do you want to see for this year’s keynote presentation?

Spark 1

“Ew! ” “OMG, I can’t believe I ever looked like that.” “Gross.” “So embarrassing. ”
I see this all over online. It’s people talking about their “Before” pictures. I just want to scream, “Noooooo! ”
My presentation would be why I stopped hating my before pics (and the person in them) and I think you should too.


Spark 2

I will never be Shalane Flanagan or Meb Keflezighi and I probably won’t ever place in my age group unless I’m, like, 75 or something. I’m slow. I know I’m slow and I know I’ll probably always be slow. But after completing nearly 20 races – including two half marathons – I’m completely comfortable with my pace and believe there is a lot the back of the pack can teach faster runners about our shared love for this sport.


Spark 3

Finding a job can be tough, but finding a job you LOVE is even harder. Do you love your job? Do you even like it? If you’re looking for something better, this is your chance. Get expert tips from a recruiting and HR professional on how to land your DREAM job (and how to “sell” your Fitbloggin expertise too!). If you’re on the job market now or wish you were, this is an Ignite you don’t want to miss.


Spark 4

Ok, So, in 2011 I embarked on a wellness journey started by a health scare, I lost weight, started running, heck even got an article written about me in the Huffington Post . Then I woke up and wondered whats next? So, next part of the journey was now to spread the word and start others on the same journey while still maintaining my sanity and joy of living. Its been an exploration from a 100% runner and you know the saying, how can you tell someone is a runner?, just wait a few moments, they will tell you, to a person that tries all kinds of exercise. I have met all kinds of folks along the way. My talk will journal the yogis, the holistic healers, the spin studios and the way I coach people to follow along. I even got some book learning ( ACT certified) and a job endorsement to go along with it. Its a talk about how its all connected and the energy you put out does connect to others and its worth making those connections. I would never have realized any of this if I had never gone thru my wellness journey.


Spark 5

I have alopecia totalis. It’s been building up for years. Just this last spring I decided to just jump the shark and get rid of the rest of my remaining hair (what little there was) and get a hair replacement system (yes, people, I have the equivalent of a toupe). When the day came I reflected on my hair loss journey and how much it’s taught me about how I define myself and the lessons I’ve learned about being proactive, advocating on my own behalf and caring enough about myself to educate myself on my health options. And then there was that one time my hairpiece fell off in front of a BIG room full of people. That taught me to “just keep swimming.” I’d like to share a few of the lessons I’ve learned because I feel like they speak to the overall goal of gaining confidence and finding your source of self-esteem. And, if all else fails, laughing at my pain may make your pain seem less…painful. And I don’t mind that one bit!


Spark 6

Do you dare to be different? Or do you struggle in mediocrity? What’s stopping you? How do you stand up above the rest? How does who you are and what you look like define you? How can I learn to be above mediocrity or is it too late?


Spark 7

In my ignite we will learn the tips and tricks necessary to successfully change a diaper. But is that all? Perhaps we will really learn how to successfully change your life… After all, sometimes things start to smell and you just need a change. It is time to face the crap!


Spark 8

As bloggers, we put our thoughts and feelings out there for anyone to see, interpret and judge online. After some time, we may get so caught up with spreading positivity, providing advice and encouraging self-love for others that we stop doing the same for ourselves behind closed doors where life truly matters (personal health, happiness, close relationships, etc.). This SPARK session will allow the audience to reflect on a time when they weren’t fully jiving with a particular voice or identity they were putting out there into the universe. This may be happening for a number of people seeking clarity or a change in direction at the time of the event, too. The presentation will go on to ignite people to remember the importance of truly “walking the talk” of your brand and blog. Then listeners will be encouraged to take action to ensure these three important pieces are all in-sync to live a life full of truth, fire and passion!


Spark 9

Whether you have 50 fans or 10,000 followers, lost the most weight, share the most touching story or have the best before and after picture, one thing’s for sure:It isn’t about what you’ve done. Learn the 3 secrets to be a brand ambassador or work with companies.


Spark 10

A hilarious but inspiring look at what goes on in the mind of a marathoner in the middle of their race. Based on the adventures of a marathoner whoes ipod broke in the middle of her last marathon and left her with the most insane things started going through her head. Proof that if your mind is willing you can accomplish anything. Probably from a one thought every mile or two perspective.


Spark 11

Vegans need love too but, wow, we can be irritating with all of our “requests” and “restrictions” and “reasons why we do not eat blah blah blah.” But with a little understanding, planning and patience, we can all get along, eat, drink and live life as friends…even though we use separate hashtags.


Spark 12

This past year was all about traveling for me; which I would have been totally excited about if I wasn’t so terrified of flying. In my presentation, I’m going to talk about letting go of the fears that hold us back in life (in my case my fear of flying) and how so much more than we could imagine is waiting on the other side of our fears.


Spark 13

I have become passionate about the uniqueness of each individual along the journey to become happier and healthier. There are so many roads that all lead to that goal and tons of stigmas attached to some of those roads. It is time to stop judging others and embracing that no one is the same and the same approach will not always work for every person. I want to show that even though we are each unique individuals on different roads, ALL those roads lead to the same destination: happier and healthier!


Spark 14

Stair racing is the hardest sport you’ve never heard of. Athletes race up the stairs to the top of the tallest buildings in the country. They are intense! I’m hooked on stair racing, and by FitBloggin’15, I’ll have done 20 races. My Ignite presentation will provide an introduction to stair racing. What to expect at a race. How to train. Strategies. Techniques. How stair racing can keep you focused and on-track with your health and fitness goals: I’ve lost 160 lbs and kept it off for over 4 years, and became a nationally-ranked stair racer during that time. Lastly, I’ll share the pride and accomplishment that comes with climbing to the top of the tallest building in town. Finishing a stair race is a powerful, staggering feat. There’s nothing quite like it! Thank you, voters, for your consideration!


Spark 15

Gone are the days of being afraid of exploding cookers. It’s possible to make amazingly delicious food in minutes without worrying that your dinner will end up on the ceiling. All it takes is a little pressure.


Spark 16

Every blogger starts out with a blank screen; every expert starts out as an amateur. Create a story -an adventure really- that compels your readership to grow and catapults you to the forefront of your niche! Your Fitness Blogging adventure is YOURS alone and YOU are the EXPERT in your own tale, so own it and be proud of every moment.


Spark 17

Everything you need to know on why Monday should be the only day of your week. How practicing the principles of treating every day like a Monday can motivate you to starting fresh, moving forward, and being energized each and every day. You will never dread another Monday again.


Spark 18

It’s going to be a talk about the various ways that our use (or overuse) of technology is contributing to a decline in our health and ways in which we can rein in our use or know when not to use it so that it remains efficient but continues to contribute to our overall well being.


Spark 19

We’re often warned not to bite off more than we can chew. Set reasonable, attainable goals. I want to talk about why reasonable doesn’t work. Reasonable isn’t motivating. Reasonable is deciding you need to hit the snooze button. I want to talk about why terrifying will get you out of bed when nothing else will. Terrifying will also make sure you get your sleep, eat right, and don’t get injured. So be smart. Scare yourself.


Spark 20

My first pregnancy came on the heels of learning to move past my eating disorder but still struggling with disordered eating. During those 9 months, I learned to listen to my body for eating. My second pregnancy came in the midst of starting my Crossfit journey – and 8 weeks in a miscarriage scare left me limited physically – but taught me that my body could still be trusted.


Spark 21

The Things no one talks about when you are losing weight. Like the fact that you are going to be cold all the time, the mental aspect that you have to over come, your views on products and comforts change and you are a whole different person.


Spark 22

You all know the main story, girl sends photo to magazine, girl asked to put her shirt on. She didn’t feel right about it, so she took a stand. A conversation was started and the girl won. Hear the behind the scenes and how the conversation is continuing.


Spark 23

I would like to do a presentation called Fitness Kaleidoscope I would like to take a (5 min) walk through the past, present and future of fitness trends, fads and fashion.


Spark 24

Have you ever had a conversation with Andre (Mission Meltdown) and thought you were talking to Martinus (300 Pounds and Running)? Are you guilty of leaving a comment on Andre’s page when it was really meant for Martinus? Let’s face it Martinus and Andre are some of the coolest and sexiest brothas at Fitbloggin. However many people mistake Andre for Martinus and Martinus for Andre… This year it stops!! Join us for an entertaining and humorous talk that you are bound to remember. Can you name that brotha?


Spark 25

Throughout my life I have always been motivated to lose weight for extrensic factors. A friend’s wedding, a vacation, or perhaps a graduation. This is he story of how I discovered intrensic motivation and sustainable changes.


Spark 26

This talk dives into the importance of self discovery as the root of health and well being. Once you connect to your desires, you make more empowering choices and create a life you love.


Spark 27

I’m going to cover how to Fake It Until You Make It. I don’t look like a gal into fitness so I’ve learned many techniques to help myself blend in. I’ll share what worked, what didn’t work, what really didn’t work and what I really learned.


Spark 28

Some may ask what you need to be a “runner”. Many may think it is the running shoes, KT Tape, sports bra, or Jelly Belly Sport Beans! I’m hear to tell you it’s none of the above. However, I do know the secret.


Spark 29

Individuals are increasingly going online to find others with similar health conditions for support, information and encouragement; a phenomenon coined “peer-to-peer health care.” Blogging is a form of online journaling that has been increasingly used to document a health condition. Though blogging is becoming increasingly popular, little is known about blogs or their creators, specifically those who use blogs to document and discuss their weight loss. This presentation will describe the characteristics of weight loss bloggers including the benefits they experience from blogging and the reasons they blog.