Ignite Fitness at FitBloggin’15 — Call for Sparks!


It is Ignite Fitness time again.  EVERYONE has at least one topic they can captivate us with.  Consider submitting a topic that will add value to the FitBloggin’ experience for everyone.  Here is an Ignite presentation about doing an Ignite presentation that is meta but totally worth it.

If you have not had the honor of attending this keynote event previously then know that this show is all about our COMMUNITY and celebrating each other. Presentations have ranged from personal stories like surviving a major accident and dealing with depression to techniques like using a power drill to make your shoes winter-ready — click here to see last year’s presentations and here for 2013’s. Consider techniques, tips, successes, and the gamut of what you can share to better others as we craft a well-rounded show.

There are a few rules:

  1. No shameless self-promotion. Your job is to inform your community about your topic.  Your last slide can feature your blog and contact information but no selling of books, apps, coaching services, etc. as part of your presentation.
  2. Keep the talks in good taste.  If anything is too outrageous, organizers retain the right to suggest and enforce changes.
  3. 2014 speakers are allowed to apply but are not guaranteed selection even if their sparks are voted in.
  4. Only one speaker per spark unless arrangements are previously made with the organizer (Kia M. Ruiz).
  5. No use of props unless arrangements are previously made with the organizer.
  6. Speakers must adhere to deadlines if they are selected or else they will be dismissed from the program and will have their conference ticket revoked.  I hope you caught wind of that last sentence — if selected and if you meet deadlines you get a full FitBloggin’ conference ticket.

The dates regarding Ignite Fitness are:

  • December 8 – Call for sparks
  • January  9 – Spark submission deadline 7 p.m. ET
  • January  12 – Voting opens
  • January  26 – Voting closes
  • January  28 – First round of speakers announced
  • February  2 – Second round of speakers announced
  • February  20 – Selected speakers’ deadline for paperwork and bios
  • May 29 – Check-in with organizer
  • June 12 – Spark presentation due to organizer (no more changes)
  • June 26 – Ignite Fitness at FitBloggin’

Submissions are open now (click here to apply).  The big key at this point for your submission is to make it spark — be crafty but succinct.  Use a hook and keep your explanation of what you want to share with the audience brief.  If you are selected, do not think you will be left on your own until the conference.  Contact Kia if you have any questions along the way at bodhibearinfo@gmail.com even if it is to help craft your spark.