Welcome Ninja!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 1.37.42 PMNinja is excited to bring hydration and nutrition to this year’s FitBloggin’ with the help of our brand new blending solution, the Nutri Ninja™! Wither you are jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle or are a fitness enthusiast, the Nutri Ninja™ is the most convenient way to enjoy the full natural benefits of your favorite foods.

The Nutri Ninja™ is capable of breaking through ice, skins, seeds, and even stems of fruits and vegetables creating nutrient-complete juices full of vitamins and minerals within a matter of seconds. Compared to traditional juicing, nutrient and vitamin extraction maintains healthy fiber to help keep consumers fuller, longer. Ninja also allows users to enjoy juices on the go with Ninja® Sip & Seal™ lids.

But let’s face it, tasting is believe – so, join Ninja during the Friday morning snack break to refuel and reboot with our nutrient rich juices!

Ninja is excited to sponsor this session to give attendees that necessary morning burst of energy and nutrients! Ninja will also be featuring some of our delicious recipes designed specifically for the Nutri Ninja™ at our booth space throughout Friday and Saturday giving attendees the chance to see (and more importantly, taste!) the fueling and energizing benefits that the Nutri Ninja™ has to offer.

Hungry for your own Nutri Ninja™? Stop by our booth for the chance to win your very own Nutri Ninja and other Ninja swag!

Check out our website to learn more and give us a shout out on Facebook and Twitter and visit our Pinterest for nutritious recipes.

Fuel your FitBloggin’ experience with Ninja!


  1. Michelle Kosterich says

    Oh man, now I’m even more sad that I’m missing Fitbloggin this year! I am getting into the juicing trend and looking for a great juicer for home. Would have been great to try this out.