Small Group Discussion Overview: Running With Curves!

Are you waiting to become a runner until you are thinner or fitter? Wait no longer, because you can become a runner today, regardless of your shape, size or fitness level!  Join Jill Angie as she gives you the details on how to get started with your running practice:

  • The basics on form, breathing and stretching, to get the most out of each run.
  • Where to find (cute!) running clothes that fit.
  • How to fit a running practice into a busy life.
  • Strategies to deal with negative thoughts.
  • Keeping track of your progress.
  • An easy four-week beginner’s plan to get you started.

Jill Angie, a self-professed curvy runner, will lead Running With Curves: Learn to Run in the Body You Have Right Now. Lace up your shoes and join the discussion! Have questions or a topic you would like to cover? Email Jill directly at or leave a comment below.