Small Group Discussion Overview: Life After Goal

Close your eyes and picture yourself stepping on the scale and seeing the number you’ve been sweating, portion controlling, and working so hard to achieve finally there. Unfortunately, once we get there, it’s always very different than what we expect. Join weight loss bloggers Beth Klein and Kelly Espitia for an open and frank discussion about what life is like after you hit your goal. We’ll address questions like:

  • What do you expect hitting your goal weight to look and feel like? For those at goal, how was the experience different than you were anticipating?
  • What changes after you hit your goal weight, outside of the number on the scale? How much freedom can you give yourself?
  • How do you get yourself MENTALLY into the place of being satisfied with where you are? Why is it still so hard to feel like we’re good enough as is? When should we start working on the mental aspect of losing the emotional weight?
  • How do you stop focusing so much on your weight when you have been for your whole life?
  • Did you/do you feel the weight was a protective layer? What were you protecting yourself from?
  • How do you deal with the very real fear of regain? And how do you deal with actually regaining the weight if it happens? What can we do to better our chances of it not happening?

Whether you’re just starting your journey, somewhere along the way, or already at your goal, this session will be a great opportunity to share and learn from fellow bloggers and really dig deep about the issues surrounding weight loss.