Small Group Discussion Overview: Blogging Over 40

This post was written by Gail Gedan Spencer, FitBloggin’s own Editor Extraordinaire and token “old person.” — We kid. We kid. 

Are you a healthy living blogger over 40? Is this how you think society thinks of us?

Elderly Woman Smiling Wearing a Swimming Cap in a Swimming Pool

Would you like society to also think of this?


Yeah, me, too.

So how do we do that? How do we get pitched the same cool opportunities as our younger pals (y’know, we’re not incontinent, menopausal ladies who need Velcro shoes). Or do we forge our own paths and create our own opportunities?

(Is there an Instagram filter that hides crow’s feet and gray roots?)

Summon your inner Sally O’Malley and let’s talk about our position as the elder stateswomen of the blogosphere.


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    I just launched a blog about weight loss (and other topics) approaching mid-life. How funny this got posted today. 🙂 It hasn’t totally developed being that it’s like a week old, but I’m really looking forward to having this perspective in my posts and adding a little humor along the way! Despite the gray hair, and knees that hurt after a workout, there’s a certain self confidence and self-worth that comes with age.