Session Overview: HTML, CSS and Other Code Bloggers Should Know (or at Least be Familiar With)

Do your eyes cross when you open the code-view of your blog? Don’t worry…We can help! If you want to be able to make minor updates to your blog’s HTML and/or CSS but have no idea where to start, this presentation is for you.

This presentation is for bloggers who have no prior knowledge of HTML and/or CSS. If looking at the code behind your blog makes your head spin, let me help you learn how to tackle it with confidence. I’ll break down some of the most commonly used HTML elements (and related attributes) and CSS selectors (and related properties and values) and teach you how to read and update them.

Join Diana Stewart on Saturday to not just learn about HTML and CSS from an information point-of-view. Leave this session knowing how to update at least 3 commonly used HTML elements and 3 key CSS selectors. Release your inner geek, and let’s play with some code!

Have specific HTML or CSS questions? Leave them in the comments or tweet  @thechiclife!