Live Blog: Fitblogger Tough Love

This session was captured by Kasey of Well of Health. Kasey is a new mom, wife, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, wellness blogger, and loves to share her passion for health from the inside out. 

This session addresses the hard truths that we must face as fitness bloggers in a loving tribe of understanding and support. Fitblogger Tough Love seeks to examine the different ways we can maintain the supportive, judgment-free atmosphere, but build in more real, plain, honest accountability. It will focus less on the warm fuzzies, and more on the cold pricklies. The goal is to support one another with real love and accountability, and to talk out ways of doing that in a practical sense.

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  1. […] But… know that a re-commitment will lead to decreased body fat. There was even a session on Tough Love session (with HOMEWORK!) about it.  I sadly missed that […]

  2. […] * This post was inspired by the session Fitblogger Tough Love, which encouraged us to be willing to both give AND receive more honest, accountable feedback as we pursue our health and fitness goals. Please join us in using the hashtag #JustTrollin or #TribeLove to highlight a comment or post as coming from a place of Fitblogger Tough Love (FTL?). Interested in catching what you missed at the session? Read the live blog summary HERE. […]