Live Blog: The Art of Being Booked

This session was captured and written by Ashley Johns of Fierce Forward.  Ashley created the mantra Fierce Forward to help herself and others to live healthfully and fiercely whilst on her journey of losing 40 pounds and never giving up despite all the setbacks from yo yo dieting she incurred along the way.  She works to motivate and empower women to live the life they truly want for themselves and to do so fiercely!  Follow Fierce Forward on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I think it goes without saying that we all would love the opportunity to take our vision to the next stage of exposure which can include but is not limited to:  working with other brands, getting hired as a speaker and to become an in-demand expert in our niche’.  It all starts with your media kit!

By night, Katy Widrick is a self taught woman hustling just like the rest of us to grow her vision but by day, Katy is a national television, radio, magazine and website producer who sifts through the good, the bad and the exceptional brand “pitches.”  So without further ado, Katy will now share with us her insider secrets of how to create an exceptional brand pitch.  Score!


A media kit is a resume for your blog/site.  A quick look at analytics, testimonials and services.  It is YOUR TICKET TO STANDING OUT from the rest of them.

Katy kicks off the lecture with these important statements

  • I get the worst pitches in the world that I put in my gmail folder called ‘bad pitches’ and so I’m going to share with you how to get through to someone like me
  • My theme in working with the big wigs is to go above and beyond so that you make it worth the producer’s time
  • A media kit is for bloggers who want to work with brands and make money from their work
  • If you want people to take what you do seriously, you need to take your work seriously and the act of putting a media kit together will be not only gratifying but hugely clarifying


A.  What to include & what to keep out of your media kit

  • INFO:  Full name/website/a brief description/social media/analytics/statistics/contact info
  • DESIGN:  Photo & or logo/clean and classy/representative/typo-free/third person
  • OPTIONAL:  Ad rates/sizes/testimonials/proof of performance/cover letter
  • OTHER:  Fans/page views & impressions/visitors (unique)/social reach/clicks/followers (stay true to your numbers)

Design-use Photoshop/Pages/Illustrator or hire design work out from Etsy/Graphic Designers or Elancephoto-17 copy

Bad Branding Example:  “Working with Katy will help her increase her followers, page views and become a big deal in the blog world.”  From this example understand that you want to tell the person you’re addressing how THEY will gain from the partnership.  Read on…

Good Branding Alternative:  “Katy brings energy, passion and a strong work ethic to all partnerships and projects.  She will help you connect with a targeted, loyal audience.”

Bad Branding Example:  “Katy will not host giveaways or edit videos.  Product sent for review will not be returned.  Katy reserves the right to reject all pitches.”

Good Branding Alternative:  “Katy looks forward to working with you and sharing our similar missions.”

B.  Who to address your media kit to and the best ways to find the true decision makers

  • Get contact information via google, LinkedIn or pick up the phone and call.  “I have a marketing proposal I’d like to send-who is the best contact?”

Question:  When using Logos on your Media Kit to show who you have worked with, how much is too much?

Katy’s Answer:  It’s subjective and depends on how you put them and lay them out.  Keep it tasteful.  Put who you think is the strongest and make sure these brands are a true partnership.

Question:  If you’re just getting started and don’t have any logos or brands you represent or have worked with is that bad?

Katy’s Answer:  Not at all!  We just want to see who you are, what you’re doing and how we can work together.

Katy offers weekly Twitter, Facebook, technology and networking tips, as well as advice balancing health and fitness with busy lives.  Follow her stat!