Learn the Ins and Outs of Podcasting at This Year’s FitBloggin’


When planning sessions for FitBloggin’ there’s always a juggle between beginner and advanced topics. We don’t want those of you who have experience in certain areas to be bored in the breakout sessions, but at the same time we recognize there are lot of people coming to the conference who are beginners. So this year we are trying a new approach by offering a newbie and advanced session on the same topic: Podcasting.

Podcast 101: How To Get Started

This session will be hosted by Kindal and Dan in our small geek lab room. It’s designed for those who have very little or NO experience with podcasting and would like someone to hold their hands has they learn the basics.

Topics will include:
  1. Gear overview: What you need to start a podcast and what extra bells and whistles we recommend.
    • We’re bringing ALL the equipment we use, including what we started with.
    • We’ll also show you the bare minimum: Computer/audacity/built-in mic system/iTunes podcast account.
    • Fancier gear and why: External mic and travel recorder/muffler/uploading account such as Libsyn
  2. Getting started
    • What your first podcast should be about. No need to interview  anyone. Introduce yourself to the podcast world.
    • How to process the podcast once complete: uploading to iTunes/embedding into websites/etc.
  3. Questions and answers

The second podcasting session is designed for those of you who already have a podcast or at least know the basics and want to learn more.

Podcasting Tips and Tricks to Reach New Audiences and Opportunities

Podcasting can be one of the most effective means of establishing a deep, personal relationship with your audience. What better way to create that relationship than to spend time in their earbuds while they are at work, on the commute, at the gym, or out running the trails. Like blogging, getting your podcast in front of others can be a challenge, especially in the beginning.

Topics will include:

  • How to maximize audience growth when you launch your podcast.
  • How to find guests and build an interview strategy.
  • Growth and marketing strategies that get results.
  • Tips to getting more listener engagement and action.
  • How to monetize your podcast without alienating your audience.

This session is led by Adam Bate of LifeStyleAccountability  and Steve Carmichael of RunBuzz Radio.

Let us know if you have any specific podcasting questions in the comments and we’ll be sure to include them in the sessions!