FitBloggin’14 Recaps – Leave your Links Here!

It’s over but have no fear! We can relieve the FitBloggin’14 experience through the eyes of our fellow bloggers and attendees!  

Please leave your recap link(s) below so we can all see the conference through your eyes.


  1. Toni Reyes says

    Only the first of my fitbloggin follow up posts – It was a great first experience. Already excited for Denver.

  2. Andrea On Vacation says

    Savannah was such a good choice for Fitbloggin! Thanks for including me

  3. PerfectImperfect says

    I goofed up on my first one — tried to remove it with the Mr. Linky thing but I must not have done it right. Thanks for everything, Roni!

  4. Erin's Inside Job says

    That’s just Part 1! I still have to post about all the eats and the second part of this awesome weekend!!

  5. Jesica @rUnladylike says

    It was so great to meet all of you! I focused on the workouts and eats from the weekend since I don’t write about the actual business of blogging on my site. I loved the weekend and can’t think of a better group to get sweaty in Savannah with! Hope to see you all in Denver! xoxo

  6. Stephanie @ My Frecked Life says

    I loved meeting everyone! I feel like my brain is still reeling from all that great info! Part 2 of my recap is up!

  7. Melissa Burton says

    As I said in my recap, what a great soul vacation. I loved FitBloggin’ last year and it has done wonders for me in the send of community and this year was no different. Here’s to Denver 2015, I’m already formulating pitches! I wish I had more time to see and hang out with everyone – wanting more is definitely a good sign! Thank you Roni and the whole FitBloggin’ team!

  8. Bari_F says

    Looks like I have a lot of reading material for this weekend. Like I said in my post, each and every one of you inspire me daily. MWAH!

  9. Alexandra Williams says

    I really thought Walgreens did a great job with the free health screenings, especially having A/C in their bus!

  10. Margo Porras says

    THANK YOU Roni and EVERYONE on the Fitbloggin team for a conference fun and informative enough to last us til next year! XOXO

  11. Jenna Kochenauer says

    Okay, you may need to remove my info from above. I didn’t understand the purpose of the linky thingy and just jumped on in, but I didn’t attend the conference… this year. But I’m thinking next year will finally be my year.