Session Overview: Read the Fine Print: Federal Guidelines and Other Blogging Legalities


Nothing can ever be just as simple as, say, blogging. If all you plan on publishing is cute stories of your kids or journaling your life, then you’re probably all set. If you want to do so much as one giveaway, place anything to monetize your site, or even protect your intellectual property, then you need to read the fine print of digital publishing.

Brandi Koskie will lead this Business of Blogging Session to share critical information you must know and employ if you want to meet all the federal regulations around sponsored content, advertising, giveaways and contests, copyright, and more. Sometimes it’s paying no more attention than adjusting your language or being more transparent, and in other instances more homework, contracts, or even legal support may be necessary.

Do your due diligence to stay in the chat room and out of the courtroom.