PiYo + Insanity with Kat & Katy at FitBloggin’14!

kat and katy

Ready to do a class that’s a DOUBLE WHAMMY of strength with high intensity for maximum burn?

PiYo Strength is for yoga rebels. If yoga makes you yawn, this routine will make you strong. It’s push-ups and burpees and lunges and squats — right alongside warriors and chaturangas and wild things. You’ll sweat, you’ll get strong, you’ll get flexible and you will be proud. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that all of the lessons are set to your favorite radio hits (think: Shakira, Maroon 5, Katy Perry).

Being stuck in a plateau can be a bummer! How do you break that? Not with steady-state exercise, but with max interval training! Insanity blends plyo, cardio, strength, and balance into one high-intensity workout that’ll get you drenched in no time! Don’t like high impact? Don’t worry, high intensity can be LOW impact, too, for any INSANIAC!

Katy and Kat have both lost around 40 pounds and hope to inspire others through fun and fitness by paying it forward! Katy is PiYo Strength Group and AFAA Group Fitness certified and Kat is Insanity certified as well as a NASM-certified personal trainer. WITH THEIR POWERS COMBINED, they want to take you through a SWEATFEST full of LAUGHS and NEW movements that’ll not only burn fat but also show you just how capable your body truly is!

Join Kat and Katy Saturday Morning at FitBloggin’14 for this fun fusion class!


  1. Sarah (Shh..Fit Happens) says

    Sounds like so much fun! If I was closer, I would so be there! 🙂