Are you Ready to Zumba at FitBloggin?

This post is written by Sue O’Lear.  Sue is the author of, the story of her journey from Fatass to Fabulous. She’s also a wife, mom, business owner, and lover of the two cutest rescue puppies on the planet, Maize and Blue.

I swear, the best email I get every year is the one I get from Roni. “I’d like to schedule you for Zumba!” it reads, and then I let out the squeal heard ’round the world.


I took my first Zumba Fitness class in 2009. Made sense that I would like it — I spent the first 20 years of my life dancing. But as will happen, my life evolved, and for many years I didn’t dance at all. And work and children and stress took its toll. I was fat, tired, occasionally depressed, and searching for some way to get my groove back.

Zumba was a game changer for me. Somehow the combination of the music, the endorphin rush, and the community brought me back to life. It was the first fitness program I actually stuck with! I found consistency, energy, and eventually a new career! After being a student for a year, I became licensed to teach Zumba in 2011, and since that auspicious debut I’ve obtained licenses and certifications to teach 10 other class formats. And an enormous accomplishment happened in June 2013: together with the amazing Samantha Collins, we opened the doors to trio fitness, a place for real people like you and me to come get strong together!

So I’m here to invite all of you to join me and my business partner in crime Sam, and a few very special guests, for some dancing, some laughing, and a whole lot of sweating when we teach a Zumba Fitness class at FitBloggin! Pack your leg warmers and crimping iron, too, because our class this year is going to take us back to the ’80s, like totally! Follow the trail of glitter and Aqua Net to class at 9:30 on Saturday morning!