Session Overview: Media Kits and More –The Art of Being Booked


Want to work with brands? Get hired as a speaker? Star in commercials and print campaigns, become an in-demand expert for local and national media and more? It all starts with your media kit.

But it sure doesn’t end there!

By day, Katy Widrick is a national television, radio, magazine and website producer who spends her days sorting through very good, very bad and very odd pitches. By night, she’s hustling just like you — trying to stand out in the crowded blog world, working to create new deals and opportunities and sending out pitches of her own.

Her unique perspective as both booker and bookee means that she can share the secrets of staying out of the producer’s trash. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What to include and what to keep out of your media kit

  • Why a one-sheet really means one sheet

  • How media kits and portfolios are going digital and how you can stay ahead of the trend

  • The best ways to find the true decision makers (no more “To Whom it May Concern” letters)

Katy showcases the best media kits from other bloggers on her website, and offers consulting services for people who are just getting started. Want her to take a look at your media kit and give you some feedback? Send her a pdf or jpg copy at with the subject line, “FitBloggin’ Media Kit Review.” If selected, you will get free feedback on your media kit, which may be used on screen at FitBloggin’ as an example for other attendees.

Join us in Savannah this June to take Katy’s session!