Pre-Conference Opportunity: Color Accounting


When you start a business, any business including a blogging based one, it’s important to have a basic and fundamental understanding of Accounting Principals.

“…accounting literacy underpins financial literacy… which in turn is the basis for truly understanding business.  This understanding is often called ‘business acumen’.

…we believe that accounting-based business acumen is better business acumen.  If you fully get how accounting works it gives you tremendous insight into the how every business works.”

This year FitBloggin’ is excited to offer Color Accounting, a one day pre-conference session specifically tailored to bloggers and small business.

During this full day session you will learn:

  • Context and need for accounting
  • Accounting components, including the journal, general ledger and trial balance
  • Recording business transactions
  • Using financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements
  • Interpreting the business story told by a set of accounts
  • Business acumen basics
  • Financial communication and pitfalls
  • Application of learning to case studies, topics of interest and current affairs

Color accounting is personal and business financial management education at its best. You learn where the numbers come from in a fun and interactive way; and then application is immediate. You immediately get to see what actions you should take to achieve your goals.

Whether you are just starting out and want to lay a stable ground work for your new business or you’ve been running a small business for a few years, this session is invaluable. Here’s what others have said about this amazing workshop.

“I got the same level of accounting proficiency in 1 day as I did after the accounting semester of my MBA. But this time, I really understand it.”

-Director, Team Leader, Pfizer, New York

“This seminar allows those who think less quantitatively to understand accounting better by using other parts of the brain. It provides a good accounting framework that is seldom communicated by CPAs or accounting professors.”

-Participant, SBA Workshop, DC

“This is the best kind of learning, when you don’t realise that you are learning.”

 -Clinic Manager, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

FitBloggin’ is so excited to be able to offer this amazing course to those bloggers that want to take their business to the next level. Seats are limited to only 20 bloggers — Click here and register to reserve your spot today!


  1. Louis says

    I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and to discussing your blogging enterprise as a business.