Ignite Fitness Speakers Announced (Round 1)

ignite_fitnessThank you to everyone who applied to speak and everyone who voted. Today we announce half of the speakers for the Ignite Fitness keynote event at Fitbloggin’14. These first speakers have been selected by you, the Fitbloggin community, with a weighted vote that closed yesterday.

  1. Meredith Olney – 9 Miles (@mereditholney)
  2. Sarah Bramblette – Just Keep Splashing (@born2lbfat)
  3. Michelle Tucker – From baby blues to Running Shoes (@TwoMomsontheRun)
  4. Alan Ali – Kim Kardashian Helped Save My Life (@Sweating_it_off)
  5. Kris Olsen – Wine, Wings, Cream Puffs, and a Pink Flamingo (@KrisAOlsen)
  6. Danielle Warren – Fabulously Fit Me! (@fitduck81)
  7. Sarah Scott – A Proper Cuppa Tea (@SarahLou1976)

These speakers can expect an email in the near future with the next steps to secure Fitbloggin’ attendance.

To organize the best possible event we can put together the additional speakers will be announced in a few more days. These will be selected  based on organizer input. Go ahead and leave a comment if there is some compelling argument that you want to add to help us make the best decision. It’s a tough one!