Live Blog: #sweatpink Yoga

SweatPink Yoga is a fusion of yoga and boot camp designed to give you a total body workout that will jump-start your metabolism and boost your cardiovascular endurance by combining strength training, flexibility, cardio and balance. SweatPink Yoga is taught by Fit Approach founder Jamie Walker, a certified yoga instructor, NASM-certified, ultramarathon runner and fitness fanatic.

The room was full everyone lined up ready to start their day with yoga. Jamie plugged in her phone and got the music going.
“If you are new and not sure you can do child pose.”

We started with a part breath and reach up to the ceiling and then walked out to a downward dog then to a plank pose. We would repeat poses two to three times.

Then we started getting more intense going from downward facing dog bring ourselves up and into fold and then swan dives and lunges. We even mixed in pushups with our downward dogs.

“Are you warm yet?” Jamie asks.

Then it was time to stretch it out. Going deeper into our downward dog poses and adding in high lunges and chair poses into the routine.

Jamie started guiding us into warrior poses, encouraging the beginners to just try and keep our balance.

Inhale, exhale.

We go from another downward dog to plank to rolling into a table top pose. Jamie encouraged us, “If you are shaking and struggling that’s good!”

Now that we were comfortable with the different warrior poses we started doing the full moon pose. Jamie offered to more advance yogis that they could use any variation they liked.

Then it was time to start trying even more poses. Jamie encouraged us to try the crow pose. She made it comfortable, encouraging people to try it even if they never had before.

Next we went from a child post and on the next inhale we went into downward dog and then all the way down. We grabbed our feet and popped up and started “flying”.

“Challenge yourself here” Jamie encouraged as some participants did the bridge pose or others did full wheels

“I see happy babies.” Jamie prompted and there were giggles and laughs as we did the poses.

We relaxed a bit as we rolled on our sides and made ourselves “cozy”.

Suddenly it was time to say, “Namaste”

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